Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) supports communication between diverse devices across diverse... Transport Transport Transport Internet Protocol (IP) determines the best path through the network. Internet Internet Internet Ethernet Protocol Controls the hardware devices and media that make up the... Network Access Network Access Network Access Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) represents data to the user, plus encoding and dialog control. Application Application Application Describes methods for exchanging data frames between devices... 2. Data Link 2. Data Link 2. Data Link Provides services to exchange the individual pieces of data... 3. Network 3. Network 3. Network Describes the mechanical, electrical, functional and procedural... 1. Physical 1. Physical 1. Physical Defines services to segment, transfer and reassembles the data... 4. Transport 4. Transport 4. Transport Provides services to the presentation layer to organise its... 5. Session 5. Session 5. Session Provides for common representation of the data transferred... 6. Presentation 6. Presentation 6. Presentation Provides the means for end-to-end connectivity between... 7. Application 7. Application 7. Application OSI Model TCP/IP Model